Mapmyuser’s stats page updated

Today we have successfully updated mapmyuser’s stats page to provide more statistic information about website traffic. We have add some more pages for viewing detailed analytics. Also we have integrated some charts and graphs in stats pages. Here is  list of new features we have added in mapmyuser’s stats page.

  1. Page-view and unique visitors graph
  2. Pie chat for Browser and OS share
  3. Big Google map for user’s Geo-location
  4. Top pages by users
  5. Traffic source (top Search keywords and referring website)
  6. Historical page-view and unique visits

One thought on “Mapmyuser’s stats page updated

  1. sunny Post author

    It working for me on all browser. I think you should clear the browser cache file then refresh the site and it will work. The problem is with old JS (JavaScript) file which is loading from your cache.


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